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By writing about a culture that is directly parallel to our culture, Brantenberg examines the idea of what we know to be feminism in Egalia it is masculism. This reversal of genders was a powerful way of trying to explain how our society creates such an emphasis on gender and gender roles.

I think music was so important because as a teen, you really wear your heart on your sleeve with what you listen to.

In this novel, God is a wim instead of a manwim. They all ran away panic-stricken, not knowing in their bewilderment how to counteract the scorching heat. It was interesting to look at a matriarchal society, and to compare and contrast it to our masculine society, in order to comprehend how our society is increasingly gendered, and how unequal that gender distribution is.

Although I was aware, to some degree of the socialization of gender in our society, having not taken any feminist or women"s studies courses, I was not familiar with how much gender is ingrained in our culture, language, government, identities, etc.

The menwim do nothing but sit at home and take care of their children. Rokeya Hossain was born in and died on December 9th, I certainly identified as a feminist to myself, but it was a dirty word. In the same way that she dominated her own body by releasing an egg once a month. She was born in Oslo but grew up in Fredrikstad which is the largest city in Norway.

But since it was a bizarre setting, it makes you immediately more interested and it puts a twist on things so that it captures your attention.

She circulated an order that all the women in her country should be educated. This parallels directly to the feminist movement that occurred in the United States. Then later on in the book, the menwim began to protest. The boys expect it to be a wonderful experience and hope to have actual intercourse.

A loose brown tunic and baggy trousers.

An Analysis of Egalia’s Daughters

However, as I sit here and continue to type, I find myself thinking of more and more things in my life that are socially genderized. Her voice, which was sharp and penetrating, always gave the impression that she knew what she was talking about, even when she didn"t.

Women make all the decisions regarding parliamentary laws and make the household decisions and control all finances. These men are looked at like all they are doing is stirring up trouble and are subject to ridicule and various shunning behaviors.

Wim therefore had greater control over everything; over their own bodies, over the cultivation of the soil, and over the world. On the micro level, the sexes are very different from one another in this book.

As soon as I began to understand what I was reading, I found myself thoroughly engaged by both the story and the sociological aspects of both the Egalian, and my societies social constructions of gender.

There are many degrading comments coming from girls to boys. I find that my life is also very socially genderized in terms of my personal relationships.

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Question 1 Are you a feminist. They were sailors too.

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For example, one calls one"s last name his or her surname sirname in England however, in Egalia, it is called your damename. Another feature of my daily existence as a woman is the social construction of gender in the media.

Although women had power, money, and specific rights that they don"t have in our society, men were still inferior, considered weaker, lacking in intelligence and power, and were all around thought of as "less than wim. I come from a family of very strong women. In the novel, Sister Sarah explains why women are smarter than the males.

Using Satire to Create Awareness of Gender Roles: Egalia’s Daughters

Boys are expected to be wearing their peho at all times when they leave the house even though it is often uncomfortable and not wanted. Even in society today, when asking men and women their opinions and ideas on gender equality there will be very different responses.

As far as history goes Spinnerman Owlmoss taught his class the history of the wim. I had to distance myself from the reading for a bit to understand that, to a certain extent, the level of inequality between men and women in our society is as bad as it is in Egalia.

But I think from my early teens on, I felt this unnamed oppression — that I had something very dangerous to conceal. Buy custom Gender Socialization: An Analysis of “Egalia's Daughters” by Gerd Brantenberg essay In Gerd Brantenberg’s presentation of the world of Egalia, women lead governments and high-end careers while the men stay home looking after domestic affairs and busying themselves by trying to look attractive for their partners.

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Free Essay: In the satire of the sexes, Egalia’s Daughters by Gerd Brantenberg, there is put forth a society different from which has ever been present in. In the satire of the sexes, Egalia’s Daughters by Gerd Brantenberg, there is put forth a society different from which has ever been present in modern times.

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