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There have been many misinterpretation, a few being Jihad, war, and killing. Only 19 hijackers did it, but clearly millions supported it.

Those who watch biased media do not understand that Muslims are diverse and should not be blamed for every action of a terrorist who claims to be doing this on behalf of the Islamic religion.

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They also opposed the involvement of the U. Fighting toward this goal is a religious duty for Muslims.

The general public have been believing that these political leaders are going to help eliminate Muslims and keep America safe. Dear Future President, I am really honored to get a chance to write a letter to you.

They no longer want to see these things and keep being upset or depressed. They believe this because it says 91 times in the Qur'an that every Muslim must follow Mohammad's example. If one person commits an attack they think all the Muslims are bad. Women in Saudi Arabia cannot drive or walk out without a male close relative Murphy, Political leaders running for presidency have a main goal of gaining power, thus it would be smart to create a sense of fear and urgency.

These extremist were very heated about the Gulf War and the idea of having American troops in the most Islamic Country that many Muslims travel to just for a religious pilgrimage. Can you imagine always being blamed for things that you have absolutely no control over. Ahmed said she asked for an unopened soda, only to be served an opened can because the air hostess said the unopened can could be used as a weapon.

This means that war is only permitted for self-defense and not to pressure people to convert to Islam because ultimately everyone chooses their own religion anyways. Equal treatment and fairness should extend to all aspects of life and representation. Bush called for the positioning of more thantroops in Saudi-Iraq border as the start of Operation Desert Storm Taylor, I believe in Islam and being Muslim is hard these days.

This evidence shows that although there have been a lot of murders and terrorist acts in the name of Islam, the religion itself was not meant to promote violence, but in fact diminish it.

These opinions come from sources such as the media, extremists and terrorists, or a misunderstanding of a religion. Not only has he said many things that allow for the discrimination against Muslims, but he has also pushed many more people towards hating Islam. Because of cultural pressure, a women living in the Middle East may feel like she is obligated to wear one, but religion itself does not force one to.

Persian Gulf War, This makes me feel like one day my mom might be pulled out by an officer for just wearing a hijab. It is a religious duty for each Muslim to struggle for the establishment of Sharia law everywhere in the world. People need to start holding people accountable for their actions rather than a whole religion, because there are bad people in every religion.

9/11 and Muslims

This is why we have Muslim women like Niloofar Rahmani and Kubra Khademi who are at the very frontlines fighting terrorists. A common characteristic between these groups is the religion, Islam. They also opposed the involvement of the U.

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The 9/11 event changed the way Americans looked at Muslims because the terrorists who attacked were Muslims. Jihadi people were responsible for the attacks and not all the Muslim and Muslims in the United States experienced humiliation because of the same.

Not all the Muslims are terrorists. If one person commits an attack they think all the Muslims are bad. In reality there have been many attacks that have been carried out by Christian people.

All Muslims Are Not Terrorists essays Although all people from all parts of the world should be aware of the catastrophic terrorist attack that occurred in the United States on September eleventh, as well as the heartbreak it caused for at least five thousand families, the racial profiling and.

All Muslims Are Not Terrorists' Essays When writing your all Muslims are not terrorists' essays, you should consider all possible views.

These days, the media sources do their best to make people believe that all Muslims are terrorists, but it’s not true. Unit III Argumentative Essay: Do Not Fear Muslims, but Terrorists May 4, aldrderymh Leave a comment “Be careful out there, do not expose yourself too much”, are the words my Mother tells me every day in fear of making myself a target.

Not all muslims are terrorists essay help
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